TEDxMünchen 2013 "Lost & Found"

Discovering new ideas and generating change sometimes requires losing other things -- time, connections, thoughts, or objects.Along the motto of "Lost & Found", the TEDxMünchen event sought to explore the fascination of losing something in order to find new perspectives, whether that be in business or in your personal life. Inspiring speakers shared their experiences of daring to step into the unknown, going on a journey of exploration, and ultimately finding and embracing the new. This concept was beautifully accompanied and endorsed by our talented performers.

This first-ever TEDx event in the Bavarian capital was a resounding success. Held in Munich's Muffathalle, the inspiring afternoon was not only filled with memorable talks and performances, it was also a welcome chance to network and connect with like-minded thinkers and doers. In the process, many a mindset was stripped off to allow space for new inputs that continue to linger on long after Munich's Muffathalle turned it's lights off and shut it's doors on September 20th, 2013. 

We look forward to many more such opportunities to get together and exchange ideas that carry the potential to change our communities!


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