Upcoming | TEDxMünchenSalon "From Ideas to Action"

In 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted at the UN summit in New York. It is a pact on the world's future, intended to enable all people in the world to live a life of dignity, a life in freedom and in a world without poverty, violent conflicts and environmental degradation. In short: It aims to transform our world in the next 15 years. How can these ambitious ideas be put into action? How do the governments aim to tackle these goals and how can the world community and each and every one of us help to make them a reality?

Our TEDxMünchenSalon theme is “From Ideas to Action”. Our speakers will share with us their dreams and ideas, the choices that they feel we can make, and the actions that we all can take to make the 2030 goals achievable and sustainable. Join us on 15 September!

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Upcoming | TEDxMünchen "Good News"

2016: A year marked by negative headlines. Global terrorism, the so-called refugee crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, panama papers, the almost ludicrous US election campaign. Just to name a few. Sometimes one thinks: We have not seen the world so crazy and conflictual for a very long time. It's time for some good news! Therefore TEDxMünchen 2016 will focus on positive topics. On solutions for acute problems. On sustainable, future-oriented ideas. On projects which give us hope. With their optimism our speakers will inspire the audience and send you off full of power and positive thoughts… into the last days and weeks of 2016.

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